About us

Who are we

Together with our business partners we have over more than 25 years experience in the oil trading business.

MTM Trading is a direct consulting company to End seller / Refinery. We facilitate the fuel such as D2, Jet Fuel JP54, Mazut M1OO, LNG, LPG, and more. MTM trading is committed to helping our clients buy oil products throughout the world and our mission is to execute successful transactions that enable our End Buyers to obtain the petroleum and refined petroleum products they require. WE pride ourselves in being a professional and reputable company and we are only interested in cooperation with real and reliable business partners.

Our sellers cooperate with End Buyers worldwide. The buyers should follow terms and conditions requested by the seller, which are very favorable to both side. Our sellers do not ask any up-front payments or tax.

Getting started with our company:
Signing an NCND with MTM Trading – End buyer and all beneficiaries/intermediaries involved in transaction; with full details.

The buyer who is interested in further real cooperation should have no problem to present the following:
– Company profile [Buyer data, web, e-mail, phone mobile, Skype, Bank data /and copy of his passport]
– LOI [Required types of the petroleum products, volumes, port of discharge. Written statement, that Buyer accepts and agrees with Seller’s procedures]

Note [buyers mandate will need to submit authorization that they are representing Buyer Company]

If broker, agent, facilitator an NCNDA and IMFPA will be signed and negotiation will be held directly with buyer’s mandate. An Intermediary will not be involved in negotiations.

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