Our Sellers can offer to Buyer a very competitive discounts from Platts pricing or FIX price. Fixed price offerings in US$/MT or US$/BBL which is usually offered for the first 12 months contract period and subject to review on yearly basis. Offers usually indicate a GROSS discount and a NET discount to Buyer from Seller. The difference between the two is commission to be shared 50/50 Buyer side and Seller side.

All prices for the Buyer are according to Platt’s European Marketscan MINUS discount. The amount of the discount is not fixed, but varies according to:

  • MAZUT100 (GOST 10585-75)
  • MAZUT100 (GOST 10585-99)
  • D2
  • Jet Fuel JP54, LPG or LNG e.t.c

Commissions for the beneficiaries are always paid by the Seller accoridng to NCNDA/IMFPA signed by the Buyer along with Contract/SPA. Buyer does not pay any Seller-side fees. No any upfront payment or tax.


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