Gas / Diesel oil D2

D2 Diesel Gas Oil is offered by us considering needs of diverse industrial sectors. We make sure that we purchase D2 Diesel Gas Oil of high quality from reliable manufacturers in the market. We provide D2 Diesel Gas Oil in different grades. Our D2 Diesel Gas Oil is mainly used to run several industrial as well as commercial automobiles. We take up bulk orders of D2 Diesel Gas Oil and deliver it timely. Our D2 Diesel Gas Oil is available at competitive rates.

Diesel Product explanation


Gas/diesel oil includes heavy gas oils. Gas oils are obtained from the lowest fraction from atmospheric distillation of crude oil, while heavy gas oils are obtained by vacuum redistillation of the residual from atmospheric distillation.

Diesel or Diesel fuel

In general is any fuel used in diesel engines. The most common is a specific fractional distillate of petroleum fuel oil, but alternatives that are not derived from petroleum, such as biodiesel, biomass to liquid (BTL) or gas to liquid (GTL) diesel, are increasingly being developed and adopted. To distinguish these types, petroleum-derived diesel is increasingly called petrodiesel. Ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) is a standard for defining diesel fuel with substantially lowered sulfur contents. As of 2007, almost every diesel fuel available in America and Europe is the ULSD type. In the UK, diesel is commonly abbreviated DERV, standing for Diesel Engined Road Vehicle (fuel).

We can provide Light Diesel or Low Sulfur

Our company has cared the top most position among the overriding Air Light Diesel Oil Suppliers in various countries. Customers are facilitated with the availability of the Light Diesel Oil that conforms IS:1460-2000 specification. Moreover, the unmatched quality and inexplicable performance of the Light Fuel Oil Diesel has also attracted customers from every corner of the globe. Customers are also requested to handle Light Diesel Oil with utmost care as it is highly inflammable in nature. We ask that you call or email us on an interest.

How Diesel is presented to our valued Clients

We present options to our valued clients by Major Procedures on a main bases. We can usually provide a soft offer within 72 hours if the client being brought forth is recognized and passes a quick vetting process. Our responsiblity is to the seller and providing solid clients to the table for a proper transaction to happen. In the event that a buyer is brought forth we have several US Representives positions as well as mandated positions to accommodate and expedite a transaction. For those buyers who are not of major or major seller standards we can proceed with Soft Probe and ICPO or ICC600 and Soft Probe scenarios to ensure the validitiy of the buyers intentions and purchasing power. We try to smal with smaller loads initially to complete a relationship standard to continued efforts.


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